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I found out on Sunday that the Criterion collection was free on Hulu through President’s Day weekend. I took the opportunity to watch the recommended classic: Breathless, by Jean-Luc Godard. It’s interesting to watch famous film classics for the first time, and as a complete film newb. Oftentimes, classic films are the ones that revolutionized the genre somehow many many years ago, but, watching the film in a modern time (without any context into what was possible or standard at the time) makes it harder to instantly gauge what made it so revolutionary. It turns out that director Jean-Luc Godard became known for challenging “craft over content,” and innovation over tradition, and that he was one of the preeminent directors of French New Wave cinema. “The principal form of talent in the cinema today is to accord more importance to what is in front of the camera than to the… More

My Trip to Cali: “You’ve unlocked the Foursquare Addict badge.”

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During my winter vacation, I got the chance to take a trip to California. I started using foursquare right before this vacation came up, so it became inextricably tied with my trip. Despite being predisposed to hate everything about foursquare, I gave it a shot, and now, like most internet thingies that I now waste entirely too much time on, I actually really enjoy foursquare. I had kind of a ball imagining up fake foursquare badges as I went along my trip. So I decided to incorporate them into my travel post. Why not?? Here goes. *Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with foursquare in any way, shape or form. Just a user. Badges made are my own and a complete parody. “You’ve unlocked the SUPER QUADS badge.” “Checking in along Powell St. and Mason St.? Roamin’ along Lombard Street? We know what’s up. Literally up. God bless your leg muscles,… More

stuff i made.

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First Iteration: After a period of excessive caffeine, I made the Knicks into icons. Because why not. I’ll probably do more or turn this into a poster or graphic. Can’t wait to do Iman Shumpert (that HAIR).


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A photo from last year’s freak snowstorm on Halloween. Just had to share. We were afraid that the snow would weigh down the leaves so much that tree branches would snap off, so during the storm, we would periodically go outside and shake the snow off branches. As in, take a shovel and swat the hell out of the highest branches we could reach. Yea.

Fall photos.

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Fall in love in New Orleans…

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Photos from our road trip through New Orleans. This is the courtyard of our Airbnb host’s apartment (hidden in the back where you can’t see is a swimming pool. Which we did not have time to use, unfortunately). This road trip was our first experience with Airbnb, and although we had our reservations, it turned out amazingly. Beignets! I definitely thought about taking a repeat trip back here. In the same day. These awesome water meter covers were everywhere in New Orleans. I love how tiny details like this just made the streets that much more interesting.

Thoughts on the Olympics

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Re-watching Katie Ledecky swim the 800M in this year’s Olympics gives me chills. First of all, the concept of it. The girl is fifteen years old, and the 800M is 32 LAPS OF A REGULAR POOL. When I was in high school, just the 500M was enough to give everyone nightmares. (Me especially, since I swam it regularly.) She wasn’t the favorite to win this race, and when she immediately jetted way ahead of the pack, you can hear the commentators warning, “That’s something that the coaches have been working with Katie on, her tendency to go too fast and not set a regular pace for herself…she should be trying to stick with Adlington…” You could see this sentiment reflected in the way Adlington chose to hold back and stick with the pace of her other immediate neighbor. However, Ledecky just never slowed down. You could hear the commentator’s voices… More

…Have a dream in Chicago

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Chicago was so beautiful that, at one point, I turned to my friend and said, “Maybe more cities should’ve gotten ravaged by fire.” Yes, I’m the worst. Some pictures: Grey Diamond, by Ilya Bolotowsky We decided to tourist it up on day 1, and check out all the major landmarks. Something that I ended up loving: the architectural boat tour. I was skeptical about it because I thought it might be a tourist trap where a tour guide points and says, “Check out this building” (which is something I already do way too much), but it ended up revealing a lot of cool things I never would’ve noticed. For example, a lot of skyscrapers in Chicago have architectural details that “mirror” the design of their direct neighbors. One building would have elaborate buttresses, and the building next to it, though designed in a completely different architectural style, would have baby… More

Travel Throwbacks: White on White

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Mt. Royal/Lanvale, Baltimore, July 2010. Not a massive secret: I loved where I lived in Baltimore.

Jambox Awesomeness

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So I mildly hated on overusing Pinterest for inspiration last week, but it’s all okay, because I spotted something great this week. Today, Laure Joliet posted about an awesome campaign she is shooting with Jawbone on their latest product, Big Jambox speakers. Let’s take a moment to check how gorgeous these photos are: Yeaaaa that looks awesome I want one. Yves Behar made em, no big deal. This photo x maybe 30 more, all here: The point is, I love how all the images are on Pinterest rather than the main product site. That strikes me as an incredibly clever way to use Pinterest. Not only does it get people seeing the product in context, but now people who buy it will be encouraged to post their own photos of the product in their homes, giving the product more visibility, etc. Is this type of marketing going to be the new… More