5 Noteworthy Reads

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I’m back from a long road trip/vacation! I read so many articles, you guys. So many. Just thought I’d share some of the stuff that I loved the most:

1. Blunt “networking” tips. Made me laugh out loud.

2. Mindy Kaling on earning your confidence. This article has been shared a lot already on the interwebs, but it’s because it really is very good.

3. How a lacrosse program (yes, of all sports) is helping at-risk kids in Harlem stay in school. Written by Buzz Bissinger, the king of heart-warming sports stories.

“Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership is living proof of why sports matter in schools, a shocking number of which are dropping athletic programs because of budgetary constraints or school districts charging student athletes exorbitant fees. It is proof of why the program should at every public school in New York City, and not just New York City but every city in the country where underprivileged kids are routinely hit the hardest. Because an essential element of Harlem and Lacrosse and Leadership is that it is school-based.”

4. “We need to talk about Amy Winehouse’s eating disorder.” Written in reaction to Amy, the documentary about singer Amy Winehouse, Kayleigh Hughes points out how, in a documentary focused on the aspects of life that ultimately destroyed her, very little is mentioned about Amy’s serious struggles with bulimia. Hughes makes a really good case that downplaying bulimia’s role in her death fuels the misleading general perception that eating disorders are not deadly. While some people treat Amy’s story as a cautionary tale about drugs, Hughes writes how the true tragedy was how everyone refused to acknowledge the disorder she had since she was a young teen.

“There’s substantial evidence in the film that Amy wanted to receive treatment for her drug and alcohol addictions…None exists, at least not in the film or any documents I’ve found online, that suggests she felt the same about treating her eating disorder.”

PS: If you haven’t seen the movie already, you should. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

5. A deep dive into Makeupalley, an online beauty community and message board that has endured since 1999(!). (For reference – Makeupalley pre-dates Youtube and Reddit by 6 years, and also pre-dates Twitter and Facebook. That blows my mind.) As someone who totally read Makeupalley back in high school (I distinctly remember scouring the boards to see if anyone had news on if Bonnebell Lipsmackers changed the formula on my favorite chapstick because I suspected they did – what a NERD), I was so amused to read a researched piece on a community whose “complex” codes and rules I totally imbibed as a teen. This article was also such a breath of fresh air, in light of all the controversies surrounding Reddit recently.

“Makeup Alley’s boards are steeped in the kind of obsessive devotion stereotypically associated with male-dominated online spaces like Reddit, with users fervently posting about lipstick the way their counterparts do about gaming or gadgets; Makeup Alley even has its own trolls. In this way, it’s a far more revolutionary site than it gets credit for. Why should the merits of the Clarisonic brush be taken any less seriously than rumors about new Apple products?”