The Downside of Pinterest and Inspiration

in Creativity, Design, Technology

“While inspiration certainly has its place in a process, one of the trends I feel like I’ve seen exploding on blogs (particularly tumblrs) and other platforms (Pinterest, for starters) is a total, insane excess of “inspiration.” Gathering inspiration has become the process. People are collecting it like it’s in short supply, “curating” their little hearts out, crowdsourcing the shit out of an idea, and taking images out of the context from which they came and stripping their meaning. I think that’s bad. People defining their own creativity solely by the things they can curate from others is bad. People finding 8,000 photos of perfect, beautiful rooms before they can make a decision about their own is bad. I think that total excess is incredibly stifling to actual creativity and originality, and ultimately makes people less confident in making their own decisions about their spaces.”

– Dan of Manhattan-Nest

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. It perfectly encapsulates why I’ve always felt uneasy about Pinterest.

At first glance, it actually is a very useful tool. However, I am wary of how Pinterest promotes this behavior of sharing things, to the detriment of actually doing things. So much of the web right now seems to be about sharing. At some point, you have to wonder if all the sharing is getting in the way of things getting made.