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A brief tangent on digital content and media.

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I’m fascinated by the way content is represented online. I think Pinterest is one of the few that is “getting” it – or “gets” it. It’s all about this thing – I swear it’s about this thing – called TAGGING. In the broader scheme, it’s about context. Remember how big a deal hyperlinks were? They basically MADE the Internet. Tagging, to me, is the way that makes content on the web leaps and bounds ahead of content in physical printed form. And yet, not enough sites seem to leverage it. Archiving, man! It’s the modern day library. People today are super concerned with cranking out content – every week they’ll create or post new content. Well – what happens with all the stuff they made before? On way too many sites, that stuff just disappears. * It’s like posts older than one week don’t even exist anymore. And I thinkā€¦ More