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On Mentorship.

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I actually talk to a fair share of stressed 18-year-olds. But I used to be a stressed 18-year-old myself – and it’s still close enough to me that I always tell these 18-year-olds what I wish someone had told me then. Here is (some of) what I say. Don’t put too much stock into how much you “like” a subject you are learning in college. In the end, what does “liking” mean? A lot of the time, you “like” learning about something, or learning to DO something, because you feel like you are good at it, or could be good at it. The same is true when applied to the opposite. What does it mean to “dislike” a subject you are learning? You sit in a class, and the professor seems to be scribbling Greek. Scribbling it SUPER FAST maybe – and he wants you to understand it by theā€¦ More