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What do the things you like to use online say about your personality type?

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I think it’s interesting how different aspects of people’s personalities come out in different social media/online platforms. Or maybe: how a person’s preferred social medium could potentially reveal something about their personalities. Here’s another way to think of it: different people are naturally drawn to different physical environments. I am a naturally introverted person – I like small cafes where I can be left alone. Bookstores are like sanctuaries for me. I actively stay away from places with big crowds, as they tend to make me stressed. Some people love dive bars, while others prefer nightclubs, or biergartens, or speakeasies. The places people choose to be often say something about their current values and personalities. I think the same thing is starting to come across in the virtual world. On Facebook, I come off as a certain person. However, most likely, I don’t come off as anything at all, as… More