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On Roger Ebert.

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Over the course of this weekend, I found myself reading every article I could find on Roger Ebert, who passed away on Thursday. I wasn’t previously aware of his work. This almost seems crazy, as I am a massive movie fan. Growing up, my go-to persons of expertise were Richard Corliss (in the earlier years of my life), and, more recently, David Edelstein. It’s still in my habit to google a movie title and “+ david edelstein nymag review” whenever I finish watching something**. I suppose if I had grown up on the Chicago Sun-Times, this would be different. I learned that Ebert had struggled with cancer for many years, and that it had rendered him unable to speak or eat. His response to this was to start writing online, more prolifically and personally than he had ever done before. He wrote more movie reviews in a year than he… More