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On the Surprising Deepness of GChat Conversations.

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Now, I have to say this. I work in tech because I love tech. But when I leave work, having relationships that don’t involve a screen is really important to me. You’d be surprised at how often access to technology makes it easy to be lazy about hanging with others in real life. However. Despite all my grumpy rants about technology and how it affects relationships, I am a major fan of GChat. I have incredible, fascinating, thoughtful conversations with people on GChat. Most of my blog posts/projects have been inspired by conversations I’ve had on there. My conversations tend to be with the people I am closest to in real life (aka: people that I already have a lifetime of meaningful, face-to-face conversations with), but I believe that GChat actually enables us to have conversations – deep, long, intellectual conversations – that would not have existed face-to-face. I’ve thought… More