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Thoughts on the Olympics

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Re-watching Katie Ledecky swim the 800M in this year’s Olympics gives me chills. First of all, the concept of it. The girl is fifteen years old, and the 800M is 32 LAPS OF A REGULAR POOL. When I was in high school, just the 500M was enough to give everyone nightmares. (Me especially, since I swam it regularly.) She wasn’t the favorite to win this race, and when she immediately jetted way ahead of the pack, you can hear the commentators warning, “That’s something that the coaches have been working with Katie on, her tendency to go too fast and not set a regular pace for herself…she should be trying to stick with Adlington…” You could see this sentiment reflected in the way Adlington chose to hold back and stick with the pace of her other immediate neighbor. However, Ledecky just never slowed down. You could hear the commentator’s voices… More