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…Have a dream in Chicago

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Chicago was so beautiful that, at one point, I turned to my friend and said, “Maybe more cities should’ve gotten ravaged by fire.” Yes, I’m the worst. Some pictures: Grey Diamond, by Ilya Bolotowsky We decided to tourist it up on day 1, and check out all the major landmarks. Something that I ended up loving: the architectural boat tour. I was skeptical about it because I thought it might be a tourist trap where a tour guide points and says, “Check out this building” (which is something I already do way too much), but it ended up revealing a lot of cool things I never would’ve noticed. For example, a lot of skyscrapers in Chicago have architectural details that “mirror” the design of their direct neighbors. One building would have elaborate buttresses, and the building next to it, though designed in a completely different architectural style, would have baby‚Ķ More