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Jambox Awesomeness

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So I mildly hated on overusing Pinterest for inspiration last week, but it’s all okay, because I spotted something great this week. Today, Laure Joliet posted about an awesome campaign she is shooting with Jawbone on their latest product, Big Jambox speakers. Let’s take a moment to check how gorgeous these photos are: Yeaaaa that looks awesome I want one. Yves Behar made em, no big deal. This photo x maybe 30 more, all here: The point is, I love how all the images are on Pinterest rather than the main product site. That strikes me as an incredibly clever way to use Pinterest. Not only does it get people seeing the product in context, but now people who buy it will be encouraged to post their own photos of the product in their homes, giving the product more visibility, etc. Is this type of marketing going to be the new… More

Reflecting on: Tyson Chandler

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“NBA executives from nearly every franchise packed a St. Louis gym in December of 2000 to catch a glimpse at the future….”  –  from “Tyson and Eddy: The divergent careers of two former prep phenoms,” by Jonathan Abrams I read this yesterday, and loved it. It’s brilliantly written. Quite a few people have written about Tyson in light of his DPOY award, but none of them even come close to this piece. To be fair, this piece is much more expansive, and you get not only a comprehensive look at how Tyson has gotten to where he is today, but at how a promising teammate who came up with him did not fare the same way. The way Abrams intertwines the two stories is really compelling. It’s striking how sad it is – and yet you see how personality/mentality and a fair share of luck and circumstances are key to NBA survival/success.… More

The Downside of Pinterest and Inspiration

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“While inspiration certainly has its place in a process, one of the trends I feel like I’ve seen exploding on blogs (particularly tumblrs) and other platforms (Pinterest, for starters) is a total, insane excess of “inspiration.” Gathering inspiration has become the process. People are collecting it like it’s in short supply, “curating” their little hearts out, crowdsourcing the shit out of an idea, and taking images out of the context from which they came and stripping their meaning. I think that’s bad. People defining their own creativity solely by the things they can curate from others is bad. People finding 8,000 photos of perfect, beautiful rooms before they can make a decision about their own is bad. I think that total excess is incredibly stifling to actual creativity and originality, and ultimately makes people less confident in making their own decisions about their spaces.” – Dan of Manhattan-Nest I couldn’t agree… More