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Travel Throwbacks: Nature in Taiwan.

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Park in Taipei, Taiwan. Taken in August 2009. Took a day trip to this park with the family back in 2009. I forget the name of it or even where it was, because I’m the worst, but it was a cool trip because everyone in my extended family lives in the city. At least for us (the Americans), experiencing nature in Taiwan was novel. The place was absolutely ridiculously beautiful, but I do recall everyone pretty much getting bitten alive by mosquitoes.

“You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? A billion dollars.”

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Last week, Facebook announced that it had bought Instagram for one billion dollars. Personally, I didn’t really have much of a reaction to the news. Instagram has been everywhere lately, beyond just my artsy friends, so I haven’t found it too surprising. You kind of figure that if President Obama has an account, and NBA players have started using it to tweet daily photos of their shoes, it’s already a bigger deal than most people have expected. There were tons of articles out this past week analyzing Facebook’s decision, and it’s been interesting to see what people have been saying. One quote in particular, from an INC article titled “3 Simple Reasons Instagram is Worth $1 Billion to Facebook,” caught my eye: “Instagram is doing what Kodak did decades ago: Making photos less about recording, and more about capturing moments of real life. Facebook was about record keeping. By buying… More