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5 Noteworthy Reads

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I’m back from a long road trip/vacation! I read so many articles, you guys. So many. Just thought I’d share some of the stuff that I loved the most: 1. Blunt “networking” tips. Made me laugh out loud. 2. Mindy Kaling on earning your confidence. This article has been shared a lot already on the interwebs, but it’s because it really is very good. 3. How a lacrosse program (yes, of all sports) is helping at-risk kids in Harlem stay in school. Written by Buzz Bissinger, the king of heart-warming sports stories. “Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership is living proof of why sports matter in schools, a shocking number of which are dropping athletic programs because of budgetary constraints or school districts charging student athletes exorbitant fees. It is proof of why the program should at every public school in New York City, and not just New York City but every… More

A brief tangent on digital content and media.

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I’m fascinated by the way content is represented online. I think Pinterest is one of the few that is “getting” it – or “gets” it. It’s all about this thing – I swear it’s about this thing – called TAGGING. In the broader scheme, it’s about context. Remember how big a deal hyperlinks were? They basically MADE the Internet. Tagging, to me, is the way that makes content on the web leaps and bounds ahead of content in physical printed form. And yet, not enough sites seem to leverage it. Archiving, man! It’s the modern day library. People today are super concerned with cranking out content – every week they’ll create or post new content. Well – what happens with all the stuff they made before? On way too many sites, that stuff just disappears. * It’s like posts older than one week don’t even exist anymore. And I think… More

What do the things you like to use online say about your personality type?

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I think it’s interesting how different aspects of people’s personalities come out in different social media/online platforms. Or maybe: how a person’s preferred social medium could potentially reveal something about their personalities. Here’s another way to think of it: different people are naturally drawn to different physical environments. I am a naturally introverted person – I like small cafes where I can be left alone. Bookstores are like sanctuaries for me. I actively stay away from places with big crowds, as they tend to make me stressed. Some people love dive bars, while others prefer nightclubs, or biergartens, or speakeasies. The places people choose to be often say something about their current values and personalities. I think the same thing is starting to come across in the virtual world. On Facebook, I come off as a certain person. However, most likely, I don’t come off as anything at all, as… More

On the Surprising Deepness of GChat Conversations.

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Now, I have to say this. I work in tech because I love tech. But when I leave work, having relationships that don’t involve a screen is really important to me. You’d be surprised at how often access to technology makes it easy to be lazy about hanging with others in real life. However. Despite all my grumpy rants about technology and how it affects relationships, I am a major fan of GChat. I have incredible, fascinating, thoughtful conversations with people on GChat. Most of my blog posts/projects have been inspired by conversations I’ve had on there. My conversations tend to be with the people I am closest to in real life (aka: people that I already have a lifetime of meaningful, face-to-face conversations with), but I believe that GChat actually enables us to have conversations – deep, long, intellectual conversations – that would not have existed face-to-face. I’ve thought… More

Social Media and the Anti-Audience

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Last week, someone linked me to a fascinating NY Times blog post that was rather succinctly titled: “Most Facebook Users Have Taken A Break From the Site, Study Finds.” It doesn’t escape me that this could be construed as a trolling article. (Alternative Title: “Most Popular Platform is Not As Popular As You Might Think.”) The results of the study in question should also be taken with a grain of salt, as they are based entirely on user survey, and no hard data from Facebook. However, the article did prompt me to think in depth about the effect of “audience” on social networking platforms. Here’s a quote from the article: “Facebook’s biggest challenge revolves around figuring out how to continue to profit from its rich reservoir of one billion users — and a large part of that involves keeping them entertained and returning to the site on a regular basis.… More

My Trip to Cali: “You’ve unlocked the Foursquare Addict badge.”

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During my winter vacation, I got the chance to take a trip to California. I started using foursquare right before this vacation came up, so it became inextricably tied with my trip. Despite being predisposed to hate everything about foursquare, I gave it a shot, and now, like most internet thingies that I now waste entirely too much time on, I actually really enjoy foursquare. I had kind of a ball imagining up fake foursquare badges as I went along my trip. So I decided to incorporate them into my travel post. Why not?? Here goes. *Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with foursquare in any way, shape or form. Just a user. Badges made are my own and a complete parody. “You’ve unlocked the SUPER QUADS badge.” “Checking in along Powell St. and Mason St.? Roamin’ along Lombard Street? We know what’s up. Literally up. God bless your leg muscles,… More

Jambox Awesomeness

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So I mildly hated on overusing Pinterest for inspiration last week, but it’s all okay, because I spotted something great this week. Today, Laure Joliet posted about an awesome campaign she is shooting with Jawbone on their latest product, Big Jambox speakers. Let’s take a moment to check how gorgeous these photos are: Yeaaaa that looks awesome I want one. Yves Behar made em, no big deal. This photo x maybe 30 more, all here: The point is, I love how all the images are on Pinterest rather than the main product site. That strikes me as an incredibly clever way to use Pinterest. Not only does it get people seeing the product in context, but now people who buy it will be encouraged to post their own photos of the product in their homes, giving the product more visibility, etc. Is this type of marketing going to be the new… More

The Downside of Pinterest and Inspiration

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“While inspiration certainly has its place in a process, one of the trends I feel like I’ve seen exploding on blogs (particularly tumblrs) and other platforms (Pinterest, for starters) is a total, insane excess of “inspiration.” Gathering inspiration has become the process. People are collecting it like it’s in short supply, “curating” their little hearts out, crowdsourcing the shit out of an idea, and taking images out of the context from which they came and stripping their meaning. I think that’s bad. People defining their own creativity solely by the things they can curate from others is bad. People finding 8,000 photos of perfect, beautiful rooms before they can make a decision about their own is bad. I think that total excess is incredibly stifling to actual creativity and originality, and ultimately makes people less confident in making their own decisions about their spaces.” – Dan of Manhattan-Nest I couldn’t agree… More

“You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? A billion dollars.”

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Last week, Facebook announced that it had bought Instagram for one billion dollars. Personally, I didn’t really have much of a reaction to the news. Instagram has been everywhere lately, beyond just my artsy friends, so I haven’t found it too surprising. You kind of figure that if President Obama has an account, and NBA players have started using it to tweet daily photos of their shoes, it’s already a bigger deal than most people have expected. There were tons of articles out this past week analyzing Facebook’s decision, and it’s been interesting to see what people have been saying. One quote in particular, from an INC article titled “3 Simple Reasons Instagram is Worth $1 Billion to Facebook,” caught my eye: “Instagram is doing what Kodak did decades ago: Making photos less about recording, and more about capturing moments of real life. Facebook was about record keeping. By buying… More

Steve Jobs + Design

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I was just reading TIME magazine’s section honoring Steve Jobs. Reading those articles made me realize why I actually felt something when I heard he had passed away. Of course, everyone has been sad about his death. However, I feel like most people talk about his products and how those products have impacted their lives as the reason for their sadness. “I use my iMac/iPod/iPad/iPhone everyday,” everyone’s been saying. “I remember the day I bought my [insert ancient Apple product here].” I feel differently. Or, if I can so far as to generalize, designers everywhere feel differently. Steve Jobs and Apple may have changed how I maneuver through my day, but to me, his greatest contribution has been how he has elevated the importance of design. He made people realize the importance of really great user experience in a way that no one had before. In fact, even in today’s… More