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I found out on Sunday that the Criterion collection was free on Hulu through President’s Day weekend. I took the opportunity to watch the recommended classic: Breathless, by Jean-Luc Godard. It’s interesting to watch famous film classics for the first time, and as a complete film newb. Oftentimes, classic films are the ones that revolutionized the genre somehow many many years ago, but, watching the film in a modern time (without any context into what was possible or standard at the time) makes it harder to instantly gauge what made it so revolutionary. It turns out that director Jean-Luc Godard became known for challenging “craft over content,” and innovation over tradition, and that he was one of the preeminent directors of French New Wave cinema. “The principal form of talent in the cinema today is to accord more importance to what is in front of the camera than to theā€¦ More