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Taiwan, Part One: Eating.

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It was the morning of July 5th, around 6AM, and we had just landed in Taipei, Taiwan. Our suitcases were in the back of the van, and we were all staring out the window at a city that we hadn’t seen in 5 years. “This looks…different,” I said, and my brother chimed in, agreeing, “Yea…this looks different!” “This doesn’t look like where Grandma lives.” Our car rolled to a stop and our uncle was helping us out the doors before we realized – we weren’t at Grandma’s at all. We weren’t dropping off luggage or taking naps yet. We headed towards a nondescript building that looked like a drab, hidden shopping centre, and saw a line that snaked out the front doors. At the end of the line stood two Japanese girls who were dressed to the nines. “This is where to get the best doujiang and youtiao [Taiwanese breakfast… More

My Trip to Cali: “You’ve unlocked the Foursquare Addict badge.”

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During my winter vacation, I got the chance to take a trip to California. I started using foursquare right before this vacation came up, so it became inextricably tied with my trip. Despite being predisposed to hate everything about foursquare, I gave it a shot, and now, like most internet thingies that I now waste entirely too much time on, I actually really enjoy foursquare. I had kind of a ball imagining up fake foursquare badges as I went along my trip. So I decided to incorporate them into my travel post. Why not?? Here goes. *Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with foursquare in any way, shape or form. Just a user. Badges made are my own and a complete parody. “You’ve unlocked the SUPER QUADS badge.” “Checking in along Powell St. and Mason St.? Roamin’ along Lombard Street? We know what’s up. Literally up. God bless your leg muscles,… More


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A photo from last year’s freak snowstorm on Halloween. Just had to share. We were afraid that the snow would weigh down the leaves so much that tree branches would snap off, so during the storm, we would periodically go outside and shake the snow off branches. As in, take a shovel and swat the hell out of the highest branches we could reach. Yea.

Fall photos.

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