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Taiwan, Part One: Eating.

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It was the morning of July 5th, around 6AM, and we had just landed in Taipei, Taiwan. Our suitcases were in the back of the van, and we were all staring out the window at a city that we hadn’t seen in 5 years. “This looks…different,” I said, and my brother chimed in, agreeing, “Yea…this looks different!” “This doesn’t look like where Grandma lives.” Our car rolled to a stop and our uncle was helping us out the doors before we realized – we weren’t at Grandma’s at all. We weren’t dropping off luggage or taking naps yet. We headed towards a nondescript building that looked like a drab, hidden shopping centre, and saw a line that snaked out the front doors. At the end of the line stood two Japanese girls who were dressed to the nines. “This is where to get the best doujiang and youtiao [Taiwanese breakfast… More

My Trip to Cali: “You’ve unlocked the Foursquare Addict badge.”

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During my winter vacation, I got the chance to take a trip to California. I started using foursquare right before this vacation came up, so it became inextricably tied with my trip. Despite being predisposed to hate everything about foursquare, I gave it a shot, and now, like most internet thingies that I now waste entirely too much time on, I actually really enjoy foursquare. I had kind of a ball imagining up fake foursquare badges as I went along my trip. So I decided to incorporate them into my travel post. Why not?? Here goes. *Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with foursquare in any way, shape or form. Just a user. Badges made are my own and a complete parody. “You’ve unlocked the SUPER QUADS badge.” “Checking in along Powell St. and Mason St.? Roamin’ along Lombard Street? We know what’s up. Literally up. God bless your leg muscles,… More

Fall in love in New Orleans…

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Photos from our road trip through New Orleans. This is the courtyard of our Airbnb host’s apartment (hidden in the back where you can’t see is a swimming pool. Which we did not have time to use, unfortunately). This road trip was our first experience with Airbnb, and although we had our reservations, it turned out amazingly. Beignets! I definitely thought about taking a repeat trip back here. In the same day. These awesome water meter covers were everywhere in New Orleans. I love how tiny details like this just made the streets that much more interesting.

…Have a dream in Chicago

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Chicago was so beautiful that, at one point, I turned to my friend and said, “Maybe more cities should’ve gotten ravaged by fire.” Yes, I’m the worst. Some pictures: Grey Diamond, by Ilya Bolotowsky We decided to tourist it up on day 1, and check out all the major landmarks. Something that I ended up loving: the architectural boat tour. I was skeptical about it because I thought it might be a tourist trap where a tour guide points and says, “Check out this building” (which is something I already do way too much), but it ended up revealing a lot of cool things I never would’ve noticed. For example, a lot of skyscrapers in Chicago have architectural details that “mirror” the design of their direct neighbors. One building would have elaborate buttresses, and the building next to it, though designed in a completely different architectural style, would have baby… More

Travel Throwbacks: White on White

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Mt. Royal/Lanvale, Baltimore, July 2010. Not a massive secret: I loved where I lived in Baltimore.

Travel Throwbacks: Nature in Taiwan.

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Park in Taipei, Taiwan. Taken in August 2009. Took a day trip to this park with the family back in 2009. I forget the name of it or even where it was, because I’m the worst, but it was a cool trip because everyone in my extended family lives in the city. At least for us (the Americans), experiencing nature in Taiwan was novel. The place was absolutely ridiculously beautiful, but I do recall everyone pretty much getting bitten alive by mosquitoes.

Travel Throwbacks: Nunchucks in the Forest.

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Wuhan, China. June 2009. Why yes we did meet the National Nunchuck Society of China on a day trip and ask them for an impromptu performance, why do you ask? (Not joking. They were cool.)

New Feature: Travel Throwbacks.

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Photo: View of 3 Gorges Dam, Hubei Province, China Unearthed photos from my trip to China in the summer of 2009. None of the pictures I took back then ever really saw the light of day, which is a shame, because I saw some pretty cool things. This applies to the majority of photos I’ve taken while travelling, actually (the not seeing-the-light-of-day part). So! Some of them will make it on to this blog. Starting now-ish. You can tell this photo is from an old camera, because it’s got the timestamp on it and everything (it’s not even the RIGHT DATE!). Infuriating. I can’t figure out how to get those off without some Photoshop doctoring, so for now, eh. More will be up soon.