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5 Noteworthy Reads

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I’m back from a long road trip/vacation! I read so many articles, you guys. So many. Just thought I’d share some of the stuff that I loved the most: 1. Blunt “networking” tips. Made me laugh out loud. 2. Mindy Kaling on earning your confidence. This article has been shared a lot already on the interwebs, but it’s because it really is very good. 3. How a lacrosse program (yes, of all sports) is helping at-risk kids in Harlem stay in school. Written by Buzz Bissinger, the king of heart-warming sports stories. “Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership is living proof of why sports matter in schools, a shocking number of which are dropping athletic programs because of budgetary constraints or school districts charging student athletes exorbitant fees. It is proof of why the program should at every public school in New York City, and not just New York City but every… More

On Roger Ebert.

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Over the course of this weekend, I found myself reading every article I could find on Roger Ebert, who passed away on Thursday. I wasn’t previously aware of his work. This almost seems crazy, as I am a massive movie fan. Growing up, my go-to persons of expertise were Richard Corliss (in the earlier years of my life), and, more recently, David Edelstein. It’s still in my habit to google a movie title and “+ david edelstein nymag review” whenever I finish watching something**. I suppose if I had grown up on the Chicago Sun-Times, this would be different. I learned that Ebert had struggled with cancer for many years, and that it had rendered him unable to speak or eat. His response to this was to start writing online, more prolifically and personally than he had ever done before. He wrote more movie reviews in a year than he… More

Social Media and the Anti-Audience

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Last week, someone linked me to a fascinating NY Times blog post that was rather succinctly titled: “Most Facebook Users Have Taken A Break From the Site, Study Finds.” It doesn’t escape me that this could be construed as a trolling article. (Alternative Title: “Most Popular Platform is Not As Popular As You Might Think.”) The results of the study in question should also be taken with a grain of salt, as they are based entirely on user survey, and no hard data from Facebook. However, the article did prompt me to think in depth about the effect of “audience” on social networking platforms. Here’s a quote from the article: “Facebook’s biggest challenge revolves around figuring out how to continue to profit from its rich reservoir of one billion users — and a large part of that involves keeping them entertained and returning to the site on a regular basis.… More

Reflecting on: Tyson Chandler

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“NBA executives from nearly every franchise packed a St. Louis gym in December of 2000 to catch a glimpse at the future….”  –  from “Tyson and Eddy: The divergent careers of two former prep phenoms,” by Jonathan Abrams I read this yesterday, and loved it. It’s brilliantly written. Quite a few people have written about Tyson in light of his DPOY award, but none of them even come close to this piece. To be fair, this piece is much more expansive, and you get not only a comprehensive look at how Tyson has gotten to where he is today, but at how a promising teammate who came up with him did not fare the same way. The way Abrams intertwines the two stories is really compelling. It’s striking how sad it is – and yet you see how personality/mentality and a fair share of luck and circumstances are key to NBA survival/success.… More